wack mcs need to get the fuck out the way

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Beastie Boys song lyrics for album To the 5 Boroughs. Tracks: Ch-Check It Out, Right Right Now Now, 3 the Hard Way, Time to Build, Rhyme the Rhyme Well, Triple Trouble, Hey Fuck You, Oh Word?, Thats It Thats All, All Lifestyles, Shazam!, An Open Letter to NYC, Crawlspace, The Brouhaha, We Got The

No Need for Alarm by Del the Funky Homosapien (Album, West wack mcs need to get the fuck out the way

Expect nothing but pure hardcore from everyone involved, calling out wack MCs, robbing, shooting, beefing, etc. These guys are one of the bridges roughest crews, and they really solidified that with this album. They were wise to get a team of NY legends to produce this album..

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Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! This means war, suckas ya got static Tim Dog is back to put the wack in check Rippin MCs, strippin MCs Breakin em down to they motherfuckin knees I got loads a rhyme loads a time, goin for mine And Im even droppin dimes Cause I have a quest for To make wack MCs once who tried to get more But how could you get more out


I spit at it like a Baretta, you know I get better by givin the people Not a fuck given, check the method, thats how we livin Always been driven, out of sight and yet never hidden The Return of the Jedi, bitch I bet I do the show and catch a red eye Ho I said I leave em dead, I know I do This shit is overdue Pass me the fifth and Im comin

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Lyrics to Bounce Dat Ass by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz. Get the fuck out the way, cause here they come Them hoes shakin that ass Get the fuck out the way, cause here they come Them hoes shakin that ass

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Im the type of cat to lay wack MCs to rest I was told to work hard to achieve success Words of wisdom from my father He said: L, when things aint going so well no way in hell you can hush me when we get on the mic, they break out like a rash Cause my sonic, atomic MCs get moronic Chillin with Big L, we like: Its bionic

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I need my head banned like the guy who left Cleveland Ohio And went to South Beach with his talents Scream "fuck you" on the way out and wink with a smile This whole game can eat a dick, Im going back deep underground But right now Im back on that bullshit and you Im singling out Cause youre so fucking outdated you should mingle a while

Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz - Bounce Dat Ass Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Lyrics to Thats How It Is by Casual. Yo, get the fuck off my dick and let me rip this shit [Incomprehensible] I write raps and when niggaz bite, I clap Cos their shit sounds better now

Del The Funky Homosapien Cops To LL Cool J Diss On "Wack

These chicken neck MCs get me vexed. Soon they gonna need wack MC reservations. Cause I endanger the motherfuckers, they needin preservation. Carry em home on the top of a truck like a trophy. Niggas still sleepin like Im Jay Z in the video for Hawaiian Sophie. On the way out smacked them in they face with a methaphor.

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So for No Need For Alarm, Dels lyrical content and more importantly his presentation are decidedly less quirky and goofy. His distinct flow and way of putting words together hasnt changed (if it did, then he wouldnt be Del), but his lyrics here focus on roasting wack MCs (with minor instances of casual misogyny) and his delivery is much

Y2K The Album by Screwball (Album, East Coast Hip Hop

wack rapper and his depth check out my manuscript and say Damn, you the dopest fuckin up niggas on the east and west coast with bump, Casual wont lose at all Im the cause of the crews that fall used to breakin niggas jaws but I started out when I found out, what life is all about. chorus

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