im pretty sure shes unstable so why do i want to fuck her

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im pretty sure shes unstable so why do i want to fuck her
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She’s very mentally unstable and I’m really not sure what to do. ( submitted 1 month ago by beefstewforyou. If you dont want to stay with her, or do not feel you have the patience or desire to help her with all that can be involved with addressing and managing the mental illness, then get out. It was also an affair on
20 Reasons Why Modern Women Are So Unstable And Miserable
I want people to see me with him and be jealous;) And because I enjoy his company I mean, Im pretty sure I do! This is definitely not a trivia quiz Im pretty sure I do! I must, I think about him ALL the time! Im 99% sure I do I thought maybe I only like him cause im lonly😅 but like hes so amazing dude! queen of memes (64574) 92
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im pretty sure shes unstable so why do i want to fuck her
Whenever Harley is about to do something really bad, like say, murder a mook who betrayed her, suddenly its all cartoony and the mook just looks dazed after the explosion.
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i dont know what to do. im so sad all the time and i just bottle it up. i cant help it, at night i just want to curl up in a ball and cry. but i cant, i just cant. i dont trust easily, not anymore. people think im happy, but if they saw the real me, they would probibly cry themselves. i cant go on living like this. im only 14 for goodness sake
Why Stalkers Stalk—and What to Do If Youre a Victim
that kid has seen more hotels and casinos in his whole first month of life than i have in my life time. why would you take your kid to a hotel every weekend and say “what carson wants, carson gets” i can assure you hunny carson does not want to go to a hotel room. your a horrible mom he is going to grow up so unstable. grow up and take care of your kid. he practically lives in his car seat
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anonymous asked:. one time, while theyre out holding hands and still dating in secret, cheer dayeon run into a friend of nayeon’s, who asks who the girl next to her is. nayeon, who is in a panic, just says “my sister”. dahyun doesnt let her live it down
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order: cubensis, solsa, wendigo x3 lyrics: my god is realer than yours! he says what i is do is right that i should fight if heaven pours! i am very very sorry my apologies for coming off so harshly impart me second chance so i can dance the way you want me you nazi got me!
Answers From a Hot Girl: Why Do Hot Girls Sleep With Ugly
Im trying to find a song with the lyrics something like " They say the stars will guide you home but they only show at night " I drift between songs and bands so I have no clue, Im pretty sure its a male singer. Any help is appreciated.

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